Toni Boyd of Petersburg High School
January 20, 2015 · 0 Comments · Urban Views Weekly

Toni Boyd of Petersburg High School

Scholar of the Week: Toni Boyd of Petersburg High School By Janeal Downs With dreams of being a nurse filling her head since she was a child, Toni Boyd will do anything to…

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Scholar Of The Week
Improving the lives of children is a focus that Urban Views Weekly and MARTIN’S Food Markets share. We are especially committed to children in the urban communities. Education has always been a cornerstone in improving the lives of children. Whether it’s a university, junior college, or vocational school, attending a school of higher learning, after graduating high school, is key in improving ones economic situation. Urban Views Weekly and MARTIN’S have designed the Scholar of the Week program that will encourage students to prepare for their higher education.

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Non-Profit of The Month
Urban Views Weekly and Martin’s Food Stores have teamed up to provide a unique opportunity for non-profit organizations making a difference in African American communities. Beginning February 1, 2012, the “Non-Profit of the Month” project started providing $10,000 worth of free advertising each month to a selected organization committed to serving children and addressing hunger in Urban Views Weekly. Urban Views Weekly is a local paper devoted to highlighting the lives, work, celebrations, and leisure of the African American community of Richmond, Virginia, and the surrounding region... READ MORE

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