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5 Tips to Prepare for College Funding

by Jaynee Sasso


Getting an early start on your child’s college funding strategy is one of the best decisions you can make. Many parents are taken by surprise when they are told how much they are expected to pay before any financial aid is granted. The College Board states that obtaining a degree costs between $52,000 to well over $130,000. The costs are rising fast, making it harder for parents to keep up, which is why the earlier you start to plan, the better prepared you will be to finance your child’s education.


Many parents understand the tremendous value in their children getting a quality education but take for granted the role that they will play in the funding of that education. Too often many parents are banking on the fact that their child will get a sports- or merit-based scholarship to finance the bulk of their education. Despite the grim statistics about rising college costs, as well as the costs of making ends meet in your daily life, seeking out the right information will give you the competitive edge. As always, knowing what to do to position yourself for success is an essential part of overcoming the many challenges you face in life.


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