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Financial Wellness Starts with Your Health

by Jaynee Sasso


In our quest for financial freedom, it’s imperative that we begin to examine and treat our entire being. Over the past few years we have developed into a more health-conscious nation. However, many people fail in their exercise, weight loss and energy endeavors because they do not realize that there are many variables that can contribute to their overall success and failure. We forget that the whole is simply a reflection of its parts.


Unfortunately, this same mindset has been applied to the way people approach achieving financial success in their lives. We tend to view budgeting, retirement planning, college funding, and successful homeownership independently of each other, when in fact, they all work hand in hand. Every one of those areas is directly affected by the other. If you have trouble living within the boundaries defined by your budget and choose to live above your means, then you will have fewer resources to put toward enjoying a successful retirement or purchasing a new home.


Along the journey to financial wellness, you must make lifestyle choices that facilitate optimal health and wellness. The goal of modern medicine is designed to keep you alive. However, important questions are “How do you want to live?” and “Do you want to enjoy retirement, or spend money buying prescription drugs and caring for your ailing body?” Making a decision to invest more of your hard-earned money into improving your health offers a rate of return with benefits that last a lifetime.


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