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Loving Across Color Lines

by Erika Townsend


In a year that has been defined by change, we are still struggling with issues that have plagued our country for centuries. Conflicts surrounding politics, religion, and values will forever shape our nation, but for some things, there should be no debate: Love is the very foundation for everything that we do, and when it is attacked, the motives seem dubious. Although interracial marriages have been legal since the 1967 Supreme Court ruling Loving V. Virginia case, there are still some people in our country who feel threatened by their neighbors’ romantic relationships.


Recently, a Louisiana justice of the peace, Keith Bardwell, made national news by refusing to marry an interracial couple. He made news again with the announcement of his resignation after the couple filed a lawsuit against him. In a cnn.com article he said, “I needed to step down because they was [sic] going to take me to court, and I was going to lose.” As the old adage goes, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks: Bardwell admits that he would do the same thing if he were ever in that situation again.


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