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Non – Profits to receive a major marketing boost

By Camisha Jones

Urban Views Weekly and Martin’s Food Stores have teamed up to provide a unique opportunity for non-profit organizations making a difference in African American communities. Beginning February 1, 2012, the Non-Profit of the Month project will provide $10,000 worth of free advertising in Urban Views Weekly to a selected organization committed to serving children and addressing hunger each month.

Ervin Clarke, publisher and CEO of Urban Views Weekly, says this new initiative is a perfect fit with the publication’s mission to highlight good things happening in the Richmond area by providing exposure to those who contribute positively to the African American community.

“We’re very excited to partner with Urban Views Weekly to raise additional awareness of the terrific work being done on behalf of Richmond’s African American community,” said Jim Scanlon, regional vice president, MARTIN’S. “MARTIN’S has a long history of living and giving in the communities that we serve, particularly with a focus on organizations that improve the quality of life for children and the fight against hunger. It’s important to help give unheralded organizations the recognition they deserve.”

Describing the need for this new project, Clarke says, “Few locally focused non-profits have funds to mount a month long newspaper campaign that can give them a push to reach the next level. Our Non-Profit of the Month project will provide lift.”

Lift is important in today’s economy, which prompts many non-profit organizations to make hard decisions to cut back on spending and services. Often, the advertising budget line item is cut first – if it existed at all.

Without a strong advertising budget, non-profits have a limited capacity to tell their story. It is in telling their story that organizations frequently attract new clients, volunteers and investors. The Non-Profit of the Month project is designed to make the vital work of non-profits visible to the public and, through this increased awareness, bolster the overall health of the selected organizations.

Non – profit 501(c)3 organizations that are interested in applying to be a Non-Profit of the Month may do so at www.UrbanViewsWeekly.com. To qualify for consideration, organizations should have 501(c)3 status, a commitment to serving children and/or addressing hunger, and a demonstrated positive influence in the African American community. A committee comprised of representatives from Urban Views Weekly, Martin’s and the greater Richmond community will review the applications and select each Non-Profit of the Month.

In order to offer the greatest impact, Urban Views will work with the selected non-profit each month to ensure that advertising exposure falls in line with the organization’s upcoming events and programs.

Clarke said, “We want to provide maximum exposure for our selected non-profits. One of the weeks in the month, we will help them take ownership of the exterior of the paper. They will have prime space to announce, sell, inform and engage the community. We will encourage the organization to use the opportunity to grow their event and to grow their organization.”

Reflecting on this new collaborative venture, Ervin Clarke states, “I am thankful to MARTIN’S, because their commitment is making the project possible.”

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  1. What a wonderful opportunity for non-profit organizations and for children and families who benefit from greater knowledge of the services and programs in their communities. THANK YOU!

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