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Kimberly Childrey of Richmond Community High School

Kimberly Childrey

Kimberly Childrey, a senior at Richmond Community High School, has always been a very ambitious and motivated young woman. She said she gets her drive from her background. “Pretty much, I grew up in a low-income family raised by a single mother. So, I’ve always been motivated so that when I get older I can take care of her,” Kimberly said. “[I want to] make sure I don’t live the same way I did as a child, struggling and always asking for a hand. I want to be able to support myself.”

For this motivation and ambition, Kimberly looks to her mother, Gloria Childrey, as her biggest inspiration.   “She works hard and no matter what, whatever I need she finds a way to get it done,” Kimberly said. “She’s always been there for me and I respect what she’s done and how she’s done it to make sure I had what I needed.”

Kimberly thanks her mother by doing well in school. The senior has a 4.97 cumulative GPA and her favorite subject has always been math, something she says is always required in life so it will definitely pay off for her in the future. She’s hoping it pays off in the future because she hopes to obtain her CPA certification and become a public accountant.

To do that however, she first wants to go to New York University to major in accounting. That’s her dream school because of her experience after visiting on a school trip. “My school does yearly trips, I spent a week up there my sophomore year. I liked the environment, the fast-paced life,” Kimberly said.

NYU isn’t her only choice, though. She also plans on applying to Virginia Union University and James Madison University.

Laura McDonough, business and computer education teacher at Richmond Community High School, said that she sees a lot of talent and potential in Kimberly.  “Kim enjoys a challenge and is not afraid of hard work,” McDonough wrote in a recommendation letter praising Kimberly.

Likewise, school counselor Bernita Williams said Kimberly made a lasting impression on her the moment they met. “Kimberly is a diligent, dedicated and determined young lady who strives to exceed in all that she endeavors,” Williams also wrote in a recommendation letter.

Kimberly adds that she and Ms. Williams have a really close relationship. “She’s keeping me on track by making sure I fill out college applications, apply for scholarships and making sure I’m getting things done so for college I won’t have to pay out of my pocket or take out a loan,” Kimberly said.

Aside from her success in the classroom, Kimberly enjoys success in her extracurricular activities. She is a tri-star athlete serving as the captain of the women’s basketball, softball and volleyball teams at her zone school, Armstrong High School.

She has  been counselor-in-training with Richmond Parks and Recreation for the past three years. She’s able to work with children ages 6 to 12, which her teachers say has helped her to better work with others. In July of 2013, Kimberly became an intern at the Mayor’s Youth Academy, a program to help young men and women become future leaders.

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