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Martin Short III of Petersburg High School

Martin Short III stands at 5 feet 11 inches and weighs 157 pounds. The Petersburg High School senior isn’t the tallest, but he has made strides on the football field, basketball court and track in the city of Petersburg. Out of all three sports, he’s been most consistent with football which is his favorite. Martin plays slot wide receiver, cornerback and running back for his high school where he also serves as captain.

Martin has always been involved with sports. He’s been playing football since he was eight years old. He entered high school in 2010 playing junior varsity football and basketball, while also running for his outdoor track team. He stopped playing basketball his junior year and decided to pick up indoor track instead.

Helping with the Petersburg Academic Sports League, where he serves as a coach, Martin hopes to show children how impactful sports can be in an individual’s life since sports have helped shape him into the young man and leader that he is today. “It builds character … and makes you not selfish,” he said. He also added that sports help people to become ambitious, hard workers.

That ambitious, hardworking attitude also shows in the classroom. Maintaining a 3.5833 GPA, Martin said that “without academics, I wouldn’t be able to participate in extracurricular activities or stand out among my peers.” Brooke Kistner, English teacher and track coach at Petersburg High School, said in a recommendation letter that Martin often takes the role of a leader in the classroom. She also said that he’s not afraid to ask questions and is always willing to learn new material. “Having a strong character is an important trait for any individual, and Martin displays such. Whether it’s in the classroom, on the field, or on the track, Martin always displays an upstanding character.”

Looking into the future, Martin is looking to play football after high school. He hasn’t received any official offers from any schools, but he is looking at the University of Richmond, Hampton University and Old Dominion University because he said he liked their football programs. He also liked them because each school had a business program. Martin plans to major in business management and administration with hopes of someday becoming either a sports agent or business franchise owner.

“I want to be a business franchise owner. I’d want to own a bunch of malls or do stocks,” he said. “Malls make more money because they have more than one store. I don’t want to have a regular mall, I want to change it … I want to have like a King’s Dominion or water park together with the mall.” Martin said that he would also look into becoming a sports agent because of his talking and debating skills.

This strong work ethic and ambition to do better all stem from Martin’s greatest inspiration, which he says is his mother, Sharon Scott. “When she was younger, she almost lost her mother at the age of 15 and had to make her way by herself because she had no one else. Now she teaches pre-k at Chalkley Elementary School. She’s a hard worker. (She taught me that) no one is going to give you anything in this world, you have to take it.”  In other words, Martin’s mother taught him not to wait for others to award him an opportunity to do something great, but rather make his own way so that he can be the leader he has shown he has potential to be on and off the football field.

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  1. Great job son. We love you!

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