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Harold Tucker III of Petersburg High School

It’s always been about cars with Harold Tucker III, a senior at Petersburg High School. He says he remembers his father, Harold Tucker, Jr., fixing cars in the front yard when he was 6 years old. By the time he was 8, Harold says his father was taking him to races. “Just watching all those cars flying down the track was so amazing to me,” Harold said. “After that I just wanted to race, but he (his father) told me that ‘to race, you need to learn about the car.’”

Harold says he was 10 when he started working on cars with his father. The two worked together on the oldest car in the family: a 1988 Ford Escort EXP. “That was actually the car he used to drive around before he met my mom. It was the car he had gotten married in,” Harold said. “Now I’m trying to pick up where he left off on it … I’m trying to fix it so I can race in it.”

Ultimately, whether with the ’88 Ford or not, Harold wants to race. His ideal goal would be to race in NASCAR. “Hopefully, I can become the first African American NASCAR champion.” He says even though NASCAR is not a popular sport amongst the African American community, he still wants to do it because it’s fun and his race shouldn’t dictate that. “A lot of people just think I’m crazy, they tell me it’s a ‘White sport.’ I don’t see it like that, I see it as a sport that can be diverse,” he said. “Not a lot of people are into NASCAR because most people that are into it have a lot of money. I’m just trying to show that this sport is not just for White people, it’s for any people who put their time and hard work into it.”

Harold says he owes his aspirations toward the automobile industry to his father because of his hard work and dedication to his family’s happiness. Harold, Jr. has been the sole provider of his family the last 9 to 10 years, Harold III said. “The reason I want to succeed and accomplish my goal is so that I can help my family out. If I become a racer (someday) I can make over a couple million dollars,” Harold III said. “(I want to make it so) my dad won’t have to work again in his life. My mom won’t have to worry about caring for my sister or me. They won’t have to worry about anything, I want to help them out any way I can just so my family can be stable again.”

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  1. Great job Harold!

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