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Dymone Lewis of John Marshall High School

“I never dreamed about success, I worked for it.” That is Dymone Lewis’ favorite quote and it fits her very well. The senior at John Marshall High School will be going to Old Dominion University in the fall on a full academic scholarship. She says she owes her success to her biggest inspiration, which would be her older cousin, Jacquan Carlisle, who is entering his junior year at St. Augustine University in North Carolina.

“School was never really the biggest thing on my mind growing up,” Dymone said. “But watching him get straight A’s and getting accepted to St. Augustine on a full academic scholarship made me want to follow in the same footsteps, because our family is proud of him and I wanted the same for me.”

She says that the two of them grew up together in the same house, and she looked up to Jaquan as an older brother. “As far as me looking up to somebody, other than my grandpa, he was there as my role model. He’s not afraid to go get it.” When she says “go get it” she means that Jaquan isn’t afraid of being successful and doing what he wants. He never worried about the high school stigmas of being smart; he just did what he had to do.

Seeing this growing up really had a positive effect on Dymone. She’s ranked ninth out of 165 students in her senior class and is on the basketball team at John Marshall High School. Going to ODU, she plans to major in English and then go to law school so that she can someday become a lawyer. “English is the best for me because I have to write if I want to be a lawyer, and in my AP literature class we debate a lot.” She says her teacher advised her that if she wanted to become a lawyer that she should major in psychology or English. She chose the latter because she says she’s a very good writer and is very outspoken.

As far as her professional plans, she hopes to someday go in business with her cousin Jaquan. He is a computer information systems major at St. Augustine. Dymone says that because he is smart he may own a business someday. “Being that he is a computer information systems major, he might be the next Steve Jobs and I know he’s going to need a lawyer.” One thing is for certain, though, these aren’t dreams because she’s already working towards her goals.

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  1. You go Dymone Lewis so proud of you ! Sky’s the limit!

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