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Sharoya White of John Marshall High School

Sharoya White, of Richmond, is a recent graduate of John Marshall High School. She aspires to go into the health field of Nursing. “My interests in Nursing began when I witnessed and fully comprehended the changes that women go through during pregnancy. That’s why I want to become a Neonatal Nurse,” Sharoya said. This year, she was enrolled in a college course for first year Biology majors and said, “It has simply confirmed my dream career.” She plans on getting her undergraduate degree and a masters in the future.

Sharoya said her family’s educational background was average. Her father graduated from high school, but her mother was unable to finish because of family issues. “My greatest motivation, I would have to say, was my mother because she pushed me to do all of this because she wasn’t able to do it as a child,” she said. Sharoya said her mother gives freely and she sees her work hard every day to provide Sharoya and her siblings with a safe and nurturing home. Another role model in her life is her cousin who she saw struggle during high school and work her way to success as a college student.

She said the foundation of her success is dedication. This year, she not only served as the Vice President of her senior class, but also took AP classes, honors courses, and the previously mentioned college Biology course. Some of the volunteer work Sharoya has done for the community includes: working with her school’s National Honor Society’s Angel Tree and food drive, Breast Cancer Awareness Walk-a-thon, and the Holton 5k. She also volunteered for the Mayor’s Youth Academy Global Youth Day. Besides volunteer work, Sharoya was also involved in child care services for seven years.

She said despite the misleading and negative influences, her high school experience was positive. As she matured, she said she was able to see the value of getting an education. Sharoya said one of her important qualities is that she is very independent. “I always want to just stand for myself, because I don’t like depending on other people. It’s nothing against that, but I’m just very independent and I just strive for the best,” Sharoya said.

This fall, Sharoya plans to attend George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia. She said her window of opportunity will be greater now that she has completed high school, by attending college and graduating. She said attending college is necessary for her, because it is a vital part for her to become successful. “Helping others and making a difference, whether it be individually or globally, is my passion,” Sharoya said.

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  1. That’s is great. Sharoya I know you will make it far in life. Don’t let no one let you different. The sky isn’t the limit. Reach beyond that. I’m proud of you. GMU HERE YOU COME.

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