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Petersburg Woman Wonders What She Should Pay for a Home

by Dell Claiborne

I’m a single woman living in Petersburg and I recently read a book about finance. It urged readers to buy their own home. I grew up hearing an old rule: Don’t buy a house if its cost exceeds two and a half times your annual income. Does this rule still hold true?
Buying a [...]

Should Sisters Buy New or a Fixer Upper?

by Dell Claiborne

My sister and I are considering buying a house together. Which type of house is the better investment? I say it’s a new home. My sister says we should look for an existing house, even a “fixer upper”. Dell, who’s right?
Like everything, there are pros and cons to both. This decision may come [...]

Choosing the Best Home Improvement for Value

by Dell Claiborne

My wife and I are going back and forth about which home project to undertake this year. I want to install a hot tub on our back deck. She says it’s more important to upgrade the appliances in the kitchen. Which home improvement projects in general add the most value to a home?
This [...]

Don’t Get Burned in the Bahamas!

Understand Timeshares
by Dell Claiborne

What exactly is a timeshare? What are the benefits of owning one? What should I look out for before buying one?
Basically a timeshare is a property that gives multiple owners access to a specific property for a specified time period. That time period is most often a week. The most popular timeshares [...]

Could a Family Feud Bring Down the House?

by Dell Claiborne

My brother and I are equal owners of a home in Southside that is paid for. He wants to mortgage the house for the money. I have refused to agree to this. But can he do so without my knowledge or consent? If so, what can I do to prevent this?
I’m going to [...]

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