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Return of the Curls

Unleash the Curls

Last Year

By: J. Chevont’e Alexander
Take a minute to walk into any salon across the country, and you will notice the culture of beauty and hair for women has changed. Women are beginning to explore and accept their natural hair. Curly hair is truly a blessing in disguise. Love them or hate them, curly natural hair [...]


Hobby Turns into a Small Business

But Wilson’s passion for hair design remained strong. “On the outside, I had it made,” she says. “I had a wonderful boss who was very supportive. I had my own office, but that wasn’t enough because I wasn’t fulfilled.” In keeping with her hidden talents, Wilson gained her cosmetology license and began doing hair part time while continuing her fulltime work at VCU. But in 2008, Wilson’s hair was thinning, a loss she attributed to hair relaxers.


Preserving the Sexy in Richmond

By: J. Chevont’e Alexander
In 2012, Richmond, Virginia was ranked as the second most obese city in the country with 29.4 percent of the population weighing in as obese, according to the Gallup survey. So, the national organization Black Girls RUN! is “running” to the capital city to help curb the growing obesity and overweight numbers [...]

Autumn Air Cools, Bringing New Hair Rules

by Jevata Herman
With fall swiftly approaching, school bells ring as a new semester begins, leaving summer hair care concerns. The most frequently asked question: “What will I do with my hair?”
After the pool has closed, autumn air cools and there are new hair care rules. A “mane ingredient” that we so appreciate during our hottest [...]

Richmond’s Neighborhood Gardens & Parks: “It’s a Community Thing”

by Cesca Janece Waterfield
Livability is green.
Public parks and gardens directly impact the environmental and social quality of a city. They also go a long way in bolstering economic growth, when large employers move to an area based partly on the quality of life their employees can enjoy. It’s easy to see why we all have [...]

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