Do It Yourself Workout

by Ronny Marie Tucker

Burn calories and build muscle with this “do-it-yourself” fitness plan. With or without weights, indoor or outdoor, design a plan that suits your needs. Constantly change your routine to avoid boredom or a plateau, when you stop seeing results. For instance, if you use the treadmill, try the track. Typically work out [...]

Get Sexy Legs in Time For Summer

by Ronny Marie Tucker

Summer is just around the corner. Are your legs ready for shorts and bathing suits? After a couple weeks of this workout, your legs will look so fantastic, you won’t want to wear pants anymore!
This ultimate leg routine is for intermediate to advanced exercisers and not recommended for those with knee [...]

5 Ways to Break a Fitness Plateau

By Ronny Marie Tucker

Have you lost some weight but now find yourself frustrated because the scale will no longer budge? You have hit a plateau. But take heart. Plateaus do not mean defeat. Instead they signify a need for change. Here are five ways to revamp your routine and help you reach your weight loss [...]

Lose Weight by Learning Food Labels

by Ronny Marie Tucker

How can you watch what you eat if you don’t understand what you are eating? With numbers, percentages, and words you cannot pronounce, the food label can come across as a challenge. Well, it doesn’t have to be! From top to bottom you can now understand what is important when trying to [...]

Full Body Track Workout

Step out of the gym and enjoy this beautiful weather. What better way to get in shape than by hitting the track? Get some fresh air, some sun on your face and a full-body workout in less than an hour. Bring a bottle of water with you and feel free to drink in between [...]

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