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Natasha Coleman Scholar of the Week

Scholar of the Week Natasha Coleman of Thomas Jefferson Community High School By Janeal Downs One thing Natasha Coleman really cherishes is education. Through financial struggles, the loss of her grandmother and her…

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Great Tips for Finding a College Scholarship

StatePoint Students: Great Tips for Finding a Scholarship College is expensive, and while families should focus on saving what they can, students should not forget to apply to the wealth of scholarships available…

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Ahmed Woodson Scholar of the Week

Scholar of the Week Ahmed Woodson of Thomas Jefferson High School By Janeal Downs One night when Ahmed Woodson was about 10 years old, the night sky was abnormally clear. “I could see…


Urban Views Weekly Internship Opportunity

University Internship Opportunity VCU         VSU          VUU         U or R Urban Views Weekly has immediate internship openings for students who will supply…


The World Online – Be Aware

Keeping Kids Safe Online — Make It a Priority By Bernard Freeman Bullying Gone Digital  One of the biggest challenges facing teens and kids online is cyberbullying, which is exactly what it sounds…

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